A welcome return to St Joseph’s Care Home


It was a joyous occasion at St Joseph’s Care Home on Monday 4 April, as we officially re-opened one of our four wings.

During the height of the pandemic, the Ruby wing was transformed into a Covid-secure place where people could self-isolate in safety under the care of a small group of staff. This meant that people moving to the home, being discharged from hospital, or those staying for temporary respite, had somewhere covid-safe to stay. It also helped protect the health and wellbeing of other residents in the home.

After being ‘closed’ for two years, the staff name on Ruby wing have finally welcomed their residents home. On 4 April 2022, we were pleased to welcome three existing residents back to the wing in a small opening ceremony attended by staff, residents, family members, and Coleshill Town Mayor.

  • A male resident with a female carer smiling and laughing
  • Resident and Care Lead about to cut the ribbon
  • Two male residents shake hands
  • The Mayor of Coleshill and a male resident cut the ribbon
  • Trustee Peter Deeley with the Mayor of Coleshill
  • Cake that reads 2022 welcome back Ruby
  • Mayor, family, resident and carer
  • Father Hudson's Care estate services
  • Mayor of Coleshill and Deputy Manager
  • St Joseph's managers at the reopening of Ruby wing
  • HR staff at the opening ceremony
  • A resident with his daughter
  • Residents and staff talking
  • Chef Dejan and Deputy Manager Annie
  • Coleshill Town Mayor giving a speech at St Joseph's Care Home
  • Father Blundell saying a prayer
  • A female carer giving a speech
  • A woman giving a speech

Speaking at the event, Ruby Care Lead, Sharon Lavelle, said: “Today’s the start of the future. We’re all excited. And I know the Ruby team is really looking forward to the future at St Joseph’s, to meeting new residents, giving them all our love and care and for the existing residents to continue with their journey at St Joseph’s.”

The Mayor of Coleshill, Caroline Symonds said: “this is a really proud occasion and I feel really honoured and proud that I can be part of that. One of the things that’s touched me most is talking to some of the residents and the families about what it means to them to be part of this family here because that’s what it is. It’s not just a care home. It’s not just a place where people come towards difficult parts of their lives. It’s this, sincere love that you really feel that when you come here.”

Len, who lives at the home and is one of the first people to move back to Ruby wing, cut the ceremonial ribbon together with the Mayor. Then the celebrations continued with a buffet and cakes prepared by the chef, Dejan, and the catering staff.

During its closure the wing has been redecorated, taking care to not cause disruption to people staying there. The kitchen has been refurbished and all the rooms redecorated. Sharon said, “We’ve installed a new kitchen and bought new appliances, painted all the rooms, bought new beds and chairs for the bedrooms, and we’ve bought plants for all the rooms. So when people move in, they’ll move to a beautiful home that a lot of love has gone into.”

To find out more about St Joseph’s Care Home, Coleshill, and to see if this is the place for you or your loved one, contact the registered manager, Shelley Perryman, on 01675 434559  or email shelleyperryman@fatherhudsons.org.uk.